Research and development alliances against Sepsis

Resources and means to be used

International research collaborations on systemic inflammatory disorders and sepsis

The HISS has registration PIC 948672126 in the EU. It participates as a partner of the AIDA and of the HemoSpec funded projects by the EU during the 7th FrameWork program.

Collaboration with the Global Sepsis Alliance

Collaboration with the Nijmegen Institute for Inflammation, Infection and Immunity for the conduct of animal studies in trained immunity

Our Facilities

Secretariat, offices, server and PC occupied rooms

Biobank storage facilities at -200C and -800C with occupancy for more than 300,000 aliquots

Biosafety II laminar airflow cabinets, centrifuges, real-time PCR

Microbiology lab; conventional and molecular diagnosis

Funders of the Hellenic Institute for the study of sepsis


Abbott Hellas SA

AbbVie Hellas SA



Galenica SA

Novartis Hellas SA

Pfizer Hellas SA

PharmaSwiss Hellas SA

UniPharma Hellas SA

Vianex SA

Research grants for Investigator Initiated Studies

Astellas Pharma EU (SPECIFY study)

IL foundation, USA (HIDRA03 study)

InflaRx GmbH, Germany (IFX-1-P2.3 study)

Xbiotech, TX, USA (HIDRA04 study)

Micron Research Ltd

Funding from the European Union

AIDA study